Welcome to my website, my name is Alex Dalton, I am a Character and Comic Illustrator finishing their final year of BA (Hons) Illustration with Animation course at Wirral Met College.

My style is a cross between Japanese manga and western comics, as I like to have exaggeration in the eyes and the head as well as playful proportions for the body. My favourite art software I like to work in now is Photoshop, over the past three years I have been developing my digital art skills combining it with my traditional drawings. I am a fan of fantasy and horror anything that stretches the imagination, I would like to experiment more of these themes in the future.

After I have finished the course, I would like to keep in touch with the other students, so we continue to build a supportive art community. For myself I want to continue exploring other competitions and contests online to keep getting feedback on my art to keep improving. A major project that I am going to start after the course is building my online presence and remain updating my instagram with my art but look at other sites such as Devian art or Art station, experimenting in the fantasy and horror genre through mini comics and character designs.

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