Illustration with Animation level 4

The collection of illustrations below display my best pieces of work from the various briefs I worked on in my first year of the course. Developing my skills with digital software, it was my first time properly using the Photoshop program so I decided to make it a prominent element in my projects. Throughout the year I have experimented with other mediums such as watercolour, colourpencil and pen.

Eco illustrations ( 2018, Photoshop )

These digital illustrations were created to accompany a story in the form of a news clipping. The subject was being more eco friendly by introducing inventions such as a condensing greenhouse in hot countries so the water could be recycled for drinking water. Other ideas had a facotry that would make bio fuel  from seaweed and algae, to be used as fuel instead of coal, crude oil and gas. 
A colour palette was extruded from the briefs subject “Eco”, greens, blues and turqoise colors came to mind as healthy organic vibrant pastel that communicate the subject of the project.

Reportage Illustrations ( 2018, water colour and pen )

Reportage is to draw in the moment and so through out the project me and my class went to different locations in the Birkenhead area, The Pyramids, on merseyside trains, Ormskirk.
The sketches drawn at site locations were scanned into a computer and experimented on in photoshop as well as watercolours mixed with pens. Watercolour could achieve the gradient I wanted, it also added texture to the page and it made a surface for the pen to applied on last. Underneath is the sketches I drawn whilst observing the my surroundings, as well as the final colored illustrations used to make a small book.

Cafe culture ( 2018, Photoshop )

Posters that was made in photoshop using images from the reportage sketches. The two posters are meant to contrast eachother by giving full color in one and grey tones in the other, each display different atmopsheres. I focused on a warm color palette to create an inviting, welcoming atmosphere to the cafe culture poster whilst playing with the steam and fonts. On the other hand the second poster it was inspired by old black and white promotional posters so I used the similar black, grey and white palette, for the details I kept it clean and avoided using bold black outlines to create the soft subtle tones shaping the background, the font was to add more class to the poster.

Mental health and abolish torture Poster Illustrations ( 2018, Photoshop )

The theme for the project was Mental health day and Abolish torture. I wanted to create an image that would trigger a bit of a shock reaction from the readers so the poster will be more memorable. The idea for abolish torture was to show what sort of things are related to the subject without being to rough, I liked the final images because they communicate a sense of isolation or trapping  with the subject bound or strapped against their will. On the other hand for mental health I used a bald female with the worlds almost painted on the head to place mroe focus on the head where it holds our thought and feelings, which are relevant to mental health.
The middle illustration is a collage of paper that has been painted ontop and cut into shapes and glued down. The other posters were made in Photoshop, I played around with the images and text on the pages as it was easier to do on Photoshop rather than by hand at the time and I took images and traced over them as I was just starting to do digital work.

Acrylic cut outs ( 2019, acrylic and paper )

I loved recreating the texture of the items using acrylic and I have used this method for the ‘Talking Turkey’ book project. The process starts with sketching the different shapes in each item than I matched the colours by mixing paints together than I used various brushes to get texture into the work. My favourite piece was the jacket because of the tangerine orange mkaes a beautiful contrast against the white zipper and black details. For the shoe I added layers of paint on top of eachother once the bottom layer dried, which started to dry and crack a little created a rough faux shoe leather texture.

Narrative Visualisation Character Design, Experiments ( 2019, pen and colour pencil )

Collection of illustrations of the unique designs for each character involved in the Red Shoes story. My style for the project is a mixture between manga and comic so it has some realistic proportions but still have the broad eyes and minimal details. I enjoyed the process of making the character look different from eachother and have certain clothes that hint towards their background as well as a colour swatch beside the characters that contain all the colours used to create the illustration for future referencing. Down below is the character designs I drew and a slideshow of the pages I sketched for the project.

Narrative visualisation ( 2019, pen and Photoshop )

These illustrations are extra images I created one is a book cover design and a digital rendition of two double page spread were made in Photoshop. The color red for me is a blood tone but it communicates a lustful color that is almost devil like that captures teh main characters eye making her wanting the shoes till there true intention takes over. For the book cover I wanted the color to reflect the title and subject of the book so I made the cover blood red and used the same a similar shade for the shoes, on the cover I added subtle story details that happen in the comic I sketched. An example being the blood dripping down and cut feet on the cover refer to the executioner who cleaves the feet off the main character, the scondary color apart from the flesh tone is the same color I had chosen for the main characters dress. As for the comic I did it in blakc and grey like other comics have been and made it so the shoes would stand out on every its on by keeping them the only other color on the page.

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