Illustration with Animation level 5 Artwork

Alliteration Illustration ( 2019, Photoshop )

The initial brief for level 5 was about creating illustrations off our own created alliterations. My focus for the project was based on my love of my pets, a trio of huskies. I used their endless boundless energy and transferred it into the flowing composition of each piece. I enjoyed the process of developing each piece from their initial sketches and smoothing it on photoshop. It was another project that helped me improve my digital skills, the project was developed further into a book were I created endpapers made from a collection of husky silouettes screenprinted onto thick textured paper. Although the book was never printed due to Covid. Below is a slideshow of the page designs I made, which starts off with the front cover, then the introduction page, then it moves onto the four alliteration illustrations and then finishes off with the colophon and endpaper design. 

Poem Illustrations ( 2020, watercolour and colour pencil )

The experimentations for this project was the best as I tried quite a few mediums that gave diverse finished illustrations to see which gave the best textural and vibrant colours. Acrylic, pen, colour pencil and watercolour were the materials I used, I felt the best combination was watercolour and colour pencil because I can achieve gradients and more control using watercolours over acrylic and the colour pencil will add solid colours and sharper details.

The illustrations were designed from poems, they images are symbolic to the words withing the poem. I like the process of applying colour pencils after using watercolours. The final book cover is the illustration with the Folio Society branding on the spine, I picked it out of the other ideas because I like the black silouettes against the colourful backgrounds. The orange glow and the woman  refers to ‘The Trick’ poem, the lovers on the water is the ‘Wild Nights’.

I drew some typography for this project, I wanted to keep the lines thick and bold so they stood out out from the white background but also had some decorative elements within the letter design. I like to play around with typography becasue it adds another level to my illustrations and it displays another side of my art.

Below is the first and second version of each illustration I did for the Folio Society project, the drowning fisherman is the depiction of ‘Wild Nights’, the symmetrical pattern is ‘The Good Morrow’ poem and finally the woman asleep with the shadowed face decorated with an art nouveau pattern is ‘The Trick’. The final illustrations were created by sketching from my past ideas than I painted the base in watercolour, once dry I drew over in color pencil which allowed me to sharpen corners and outline details and add subtle shading.

Character Design ( 2020, watercolour and Photoshop )

I have a fondness for character design as it fills me with joy to give life to unusual and wacky characters. My style is influenced by a mixture of comics and mangas. I like to draw traditionally but recently been experimenting it with the digital software Photoshop.
When I was handed the brief, I was ecstatic I threw myself straight into sketching. The brief was to design eight characters from random combinations of characteristics and jobs. Each character was given a colour to reflect their personality.

Each piece is A4 in size, hand sketched and digitally coloured in photoshop. The backgrounds are watercolour shapes painted on thick textured watercolour paper that has been scanned through photoshop. Bold, bright colours are enhanced through the exaggerated features and posture of each illustration.

Here is a collection of sketches I drew whilst working on the project, I want to show the process of how I design a character by looking at the structure of the body, the pose, the facial features and expressions as well as other finer details like the hands and clothes that would fit each characters theme.

These are the final versions of all tthe chracters, each have a specified color running through their design and accompanied typography. I tried to best fit the type face to the character, trying to tie all the elements together to best show the characters personality. For the exhibition I chose the four best illustrations out of the collection, they were Goth, Detective, Footballer, Cowboy as these were my favourite designs.

Bird Phrasing ( 2020, colour pencil )

The bird phrasing project was a difficult project as it worked with a limited colour palette. Each illustration is based off of a bird phrase. Looking at both sketches and digital versions of the illustrations they had pros and cons. I liked the vibrant colours made by the colour pencils and the texture of the pencil grain but I like the clean lines in the digital versions, however to improve I would need to experiment wiht the color palette more and make it feel cohesive throughout.

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