Illustration with Animation level 6

Character Design project ( 2020, Pencil and Photoshop )

My first project I made to be a collection of character designs based on a story I wrote in Microsoft Word, I wanted to create a group of diverse friends with unique personalities that are interesting to see. I wanted to push my self to try and draw other ethnicities without being disrespectful, I had a lot of fun imagining these characters and putting them into a story. 
The project started with the intial sketches of each character, for each sketch I drew a front, a back and side view of the character to envision the character fully as well as a selection of choice expressions that will happen in the story I have written. Once the final sketches were drawn I scanned them into Photoshop and traced the image with the pen and brush tool, giving the characters each their own color scheme that I felt fitted well with their traits. The final hand in was six complete character sheets illustrated in photohsop, this best displayed my improvement in charcter design since my last design project back in Level 5.

Character design additional background piece ( 2020 , Photoshop and Pen )

I created some backgrounds for that displays a bar inside and an outside street view. These were never use towards the final project although I did digitally recreate one of the scenes, it has rich red walls with wooden shelves stocked with wines and various shaped glasses. The bar itself has a granite design with a blue surface, I wanted to keep the design modern adn spacious so the lighting was basic and the walls has some abstract art.

Comic ( 2021, Pen and Photoshop )

This was a project based off of the Silent Manga Audition 15, artist were tasked to create a monochrome comic that had no dialogue apart from onomatopoeia which translate sounds into words. This was a tricky project as it was my first time submitting my work to a live competition, I wanted to make sure I gathered research and looked at the past winners to help me structure my own comic. Fortunately I had already came up with a story and characters from my first project so all I had to do was adapt the story to fit the requirements of the competition as well as choose four of my characters to star in the comic. The main character was Todd, I chose him because the theme was moments of fear, love and sadness and his backstory had elements of this and I felt personally he would be a character readers could relate to.
The comic was sketched by hand on paper then scanned into Photoshop were I outlined the characters using the brush tool and toned it in a monochrome palette. As I was developing the pages I wanted to experiment with the layout to keep it interesting but also create a library of compositions I could use in the future. Of course there are areas that need improving but to me I was impressed at my first try at a comic, once the finished illustrations were done I submitted it on to the Silent Manga Audition website were I got reviewed and recieved feedback. 

Talking Turkey ( 2021, Pen, Acrylic and Photoshop )

This was another project based off a competition from Penguin publishers, they wanted a modern updated cover for three of their books and I chose the childrens catergory as I needed to illustrate something uplifting and do something different. In the childrens catergory a new book cover design was needed for the Talking Turkeys poem book by Benjamin Zephaniah a well renowned poet. I took to researching the past book covers to get a perspective of what the book is about and how others have illustrated it. I then did some sketches of various designs that evolved around Turkeys, this led to me creating some acrylic textures that I scanned into Photoshop then copy and pasted them into a digital collage of a Turkey. The design was friendly, innocent and would appeal to a young audience, I haven’t done much with this application but I enjoyed the process and final appearance I would like to keep trying this technique in the future.
As I was designing the cover, changing the composition I looked at fonts types that would the theme of the book and convey a childlike type that would relfect the round happy emotive Turkey character. My final design consisted of the Turkey with the cover text made up in the same font, for the title I tilted the letters and changed the dot into the love heart so the cover feels uplifting. I submitted the final cover on the PDF file they provided, although I didn’t get any feedback I was still fufilled having sent in my design.

Alice in Wonderland project 1 ( 2021, Acrylic and Photoshop )

This project was merely made up of a fan favourite story that everyone loves that has a bunch of crazy characters that I would digitally collage, research was done into the story and extracts were taken that described the appearance of the animals that inhabited Wonderland. This was a good project were I used acrylics to convey different textures like feathers and fur, the acrylic experiments were scanned in and collaged in Photoshop using the lasso, copy and paste tool with some modifications to the levels and saturation of color. Each character was fun to imagine and I feel the final illustrations show it, because the project went well I did another brief that was about the based on the setting of Wonderland.

Branding ( 2021, Photoshop )

In between all the projects I was developing my own brand for my website and online portfolios, I sketched up multiple ideas to which I chose one deisgn and developed it. Changing up the letters shape and font type as well as the positng of the layout, the finalised brand had the hard edges I wanted and it conveyed a professional aesthetic that is suitable for my online portfolios.

Alice in Wonderland project 2 ( 2021, Photoshop )

Using the extracts found in the last project I looked at how the book descibed the setting and took to sketching the first ideas I had of select areas, the mushroom, the river bank, the rocky ledge, the hallway of doors, the woods and the rose garden. Each background played an important part for Alice meeting the characters in the book of which I illustrated in the project before. My approach for the backgrounds was different to the characters as I digitally drew them in photoshop, I didn’t do them as acylic collages becasue the acrylic would of taken too much time and I only gave the project two weeks.

I am more adapt at working faster in Photoshop and I can edit the illustrations to be in a different color schemes and have certain features added or taken out without risking the whole structure. Overall the final illustrations were kept to realistic colors and I really pushed my imagination to expand the scenery from the little bits of extract I had from the book to create complete backgrounds.

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